PRESENTATION of the Tunisian League of Special Products "STPS"

Founded in 1986 by Mr. Fraj TLILI, the Tunisian Company of Special Products « STPS », specializes in the manufacture of technological chemicals used in the field of building and civil engineering under the brand « SEPRA ». Throughout his career, its founder has opted for a strategy of continuous customer satisfaction. For this quality approach of « STPS » which began in 1998, continues to this day by:

  • Establishing a close partnership with the customer in terms of performance, cost and time;
  • The incessant improvement of the control of its processes and methods;
  • Developing new quality products and high added value.

Indeed, the « STPS » has a varied range of products in the following areas:


The STPS has a laboratory well equipped by recent material and last technology. This laboratory ensures an upstream control; with the reception of the raw materials which will be used in the manufacture.
In the course of manufacture in order to eliminate nonconformities, to detect the drifts, to bring the corrective actions and thus to take part in the piloting of manufacture.
And a final control, when the product is completely finished.

The instruments of control, measurement and test are calibrated or checked regularly, inside outside and in accordance with an annual planning of calibration, in order to guarantee the exactitude of the information they deliver.

SEPRA : Siège: 40, Avenue de Madrid - Tunis Tunisia

Phone :(+216) 71 25 57 60 / 71 33 37 36
Fax: (+216) 71 34 79 83